UNUM Configuration Menu

The UNUM Configuration Menu provides a convenient way to quickly setup the Pluribus UNUM™ Unified Management, Automation and Analytics Platform.

UNUM Platform Configuration Menu

Selecting Overview →  (gears icon) launches the Configuration menu. Configuration items include:

  • Certificate Authority – SSL Certs
  • Auth Server – AD or LDAP Authentication Servers
  • License – UNUM platform application licenses
  • Manage Users – User and Administrator accounts
  • Audit Logs – Review log data from switches
  • System Health – Information of overall UNUM platform system health

By selecting on any of the configuration items you are taken directly to that dashboard.

Note: Upon the initial login and after a new OVA install of UNUM, a visual notification alarm may be presented on the dashboard indicating no licenses have been activated.

To remove the visual alarm condition activate a license.

UNUM Platform Configuration Visual Alarm

UNUM Notification Bell

The UNUM notification bell  displayed on the top navigation bar provides visual feedback and alerts.

Click on the icon to obtain the following information:

  • License Status - selected via the License tab.
  • Fabric Changes - selected via the Fabric tab.

Alert or Alarm conditions are indicated with the  icon.

UNUM Platform Configuration Notification Bell License

UNUM Platform Configuration Notification Bell Fabric Change

You use Click to rediscover to clear the alert in the event of Fabric notification changes and to update the Topology map.

In the event of a License alert and to remove the visual alarm condition activate a license.