Selecting Overview displays a menu with Topology and Dashboard.

UNUM Dashboard Overview

UNUM Global Dashboard

The UNUM Overview Dashboard provides a convenient way to quickly access all applications and configuration parameters used in UNUM.

By moving through the Manage, Analytics, Notifications tabs, applications are displayed, and you are taken directly to a specific application by the selection you choose.

These high-level features include Manage, Insight Analytics Packet, Insight Analytics Flow and Switch Analytics.

Note: Upon the initial login and after a new OVA install of UNUM, you must activate specific licenses to use the various applications contained in UNUM and a visual notification alarm may be presented on the dashboard indicating no licenses have been activated.

Instructions on activating licenses for UNUM are detailed here in the User Guide.

Once the licenses are activated they will appear in the license section which is accessed using the bell icon on the top navigation bar.

License data is preserved across upgrades to UNUM when applied via Option 5 using the script detailed here in the User Guide.

UNUM Platform Software Version

Selecting Overview →  (gears icon) displays a drop-down list of configuration items and the Version number for the installed UNUM Platform software. Details on configuring the UNUM Platform are available here.

UNUM Platform Software Version

Depending on the configuration state of your UNUM instance the Overview may display an actual topology if a Fabric and Seed Switch have previously been configured.

In that case UNUM may display a topology as shown in the following example.

If the Global Fabric navigation bar does not contain any Fabrics proceed to UNUM Global Add to set up your Fabric.

UNUM Topology Map Example

UNUM Notification Bell

The UNUM notification bell  displayed on the top navigation bar provides visual feedback and alerts.

If an alarm condition exists, a visual notification provides you will the number of Unread Notifications.

UNUM Platform Configuration Notification Bell Unread Notifications

After reviewing the alarm notification click the X to close the pop-up window.

Alert or Alarm conditions are indicated with the  icon.

UNUM Platform Configuration Notification Bell License

UNUM Platform Configuration Notification Bell Fabric Change

Click on the bell icon to obtain the following information:

  • License Status - selected via the License tab.
  • Fabric Changes - selected via the Fabric tab.

You use Click to rediscover to clear the alert in the event of Fabric notification changes and to update the Topology map.

Alternatively, you click the Mark As Read link to indicate the alarm condition is noted. The alarm bell toggles to indicate the alarm is cleared.

Click Mark As Unread to undo the notation. The alarm bell toggles to indicate an alarm condition exists.

UNUM Platform Configuration Notification Alarm Mark as Unread

In the event of a License alert and to remove the visual alarm condition activate a license.

The following is an example of a Network Change pop-up message.

UNUM Dashboard Alarm Notification Message Example