UNUM is deployed in several scenarios ranging from an all Pluribus-switched network to a non-Pluribus network. The following are the supported deployment scenarios:

  • Netvisor® ONE as a mirror switch
  • Netvisor ONE as an inline switch
  • Third-party network

Netvisor® ONE Mirror Switch

This is the most common type of deployment of UNUM. It is non-intrusive and fits well in an existing network. In this scenario, Netvisor ONE receives mirrored traffic from an existing network. UNUM receives connection status and feeds this data into its analytics store for rendering by Insight Analytics Flow.

Additionally, UNUM configures vFlows on the Netvisor ONE mirror switch and directs the matching flows to the PCAP Agent or an existing 3rd party packet broker for analysis within the Insight Analytics Packet application. If you configure sFlow collectors on your Netvisor ONE switch with the sFlow collector-ip as the UNUM IP and the collector-port as 2055, the sFlows are detected by UNUM and sFlow data is collected for analysis.

Netvisor ONE Mirror Switch

Netvisor® ONE Inline Switch

In this scenario, the Netvisor ONE switches are inline and switching. UNUM connects to one node and pulls the connection statistics. UNUM also configures vFlows and directs them to a remote PCAP agent or another third-party packet broker.

Netvisor ONE Inline Switch