UNUM is deployed as a VM (Virtual Machine) on a VMware ESXi Hypervisor.

Currently, UNUM 5.0.x requires and has been tested on VMware vSphere and vCenter 6.x versions. Other VMware versions have not been tested for UNUM 5.0.x.

Please consult the specific UNUM Release Note for the UNUM version you are using for more information regarding supported VMware versions.

The instructions in this document assume the administrator has access to a VMware vCenter console with privileges adequate to create a Virtual Machine.

The procedures have been tested using a laptop running Windows 10.

Basic Linux system administration skills are recommended.

  • VM is provided in an OVA format.
  • VM installed in ESXi: UNUM increases in size over time while telemetry data are collected into the database. When deployed and powered on the size is 140GB.

UNUM requires a VM with the following specifications:

  • Minimum Hardware requirements: 8 vCPU, 64 GB RAM, 300GB SSD.
  • Storage: single hard disk thin provisioned up to 300GB each, deployment on SSD is recommended with a SDB (simple database) dedicated to data storage.
  • Network: three Ethernet interfaces configured as:

    • Eth0: used for management, GUI (user interaction) and data collection via Netvisor REST.

    • Eth1: used for internal system communication. Single UNUM VM instances REQUIRES an IP address for eth1 to be set before normal operation will begin. WARNING! If you change the IP address of eth1, in a cluster configuration, normal operation is disrupted.

    • Eth2: used for span, mirror destination for packet capture and used to connect a Seed Switch or Fabric on a separate network other than the web interface.

  • Operating system: Ubuntu Linux 16.04.6 LTS (Xenial Xarus).