ZTP Server

Selecting Overview → Manage → ZTP → ZTP Server displays the ZTP Server configuration dashboard. The ZTP Server is running by default.

Note: Before starting the ZTP Server please ensure there are no other DHCP servers running in the Management Subnet or VLAN while ZTP executes.

To configure the ZTP Server enter the required parameters which include:

  • Interface – Interface the server should be listening on.
  • Subnet – The subnet the server will be servicing.
  • Subnet Mask –  Subnet Mask (this will determine the number of IP addresses assigned to the DHCP pool).
  • Primary DNS – The primary DNS server to be configured on the hosts.
  • Secondary DNS – The secondary DNS server to be configured on the hosts.
  • Domain Name – The domain name to be configured on the hosts.
  • Gateway – The default gateway to be configured on the hosts.


ZTP Server Configuration

Enter the required parameters and click Save to continue or Cancel to return to the previous screen without saving any changes.

ZTP Server Configuration - Example

You must Stop and then Start the ZTP Server to use the new configuration settings.

The new configuration settings are used by ONIE Switches for provisioning.

After the ZTP Server configuration is complete you proceed to ZTP Switch.