UNUM Analytics provides a suite of analysis tools designed to analyze data with search capabilities on data collected from UNUM collectors, packet capture analytics and monitoring capabilities.

Using the analysis tools requires upgrading your target switches to nvOS or Netvisor ONE Version 3.0 or above.

For more details please refer to the nvOS and Netvisor ONE Configuration Guides at www.pluribusnetworks.com/support/technical-documentation.

UNUM Insight Analytics

UNUM Switch Analytics Application Menu

Selecting Analytics → Insight Analytics displays all Insight Analytics functions within UNUM. These include:

Selecting Analytics → Switch Analytics displays all Switch Analytics functions within UNUM. These include:

Traffic – Port and Tunnel Stats

Endpoints – vPorts

Notifications – Syslog, SNMP

System Stats – CPU / Memory

Connectivity – Ping Stats

Informational Note: The Insight Analytics database stores Flow Connections related data for 30 days. The Switch Analytics database stores Port Stats, Tunnel Stats, SNMP, Syslog, CPU/Memory and Ping Stats for 7 days. vPort data is stored for 30 days.