UNUM Deployment Scenarios

UNUM is generally deployed in one of two ways:

  • UNUM managing an entire Netvisor® ONE fabric
  • UNUM managing Netvisor® ONE switches attached to third-party spines

UNUM Managing a Netvisor® ONE Fabric

In this greenfield scenario, all switches in the leaf-spine fabric are running Netvisor One and UNUM communicates with each node over a management network or data network.  

UNUM manages the fabric, collects telemetry and analyzes data for the entire fabric.  

One of the switches, chosen at the time of fabric creation, is designated a “Collector” and acts as the point of communication for the fabric.  

UNUM Netvisor One Fabric

UNUM Managing Netvisor® ONE Switches Attached to Third-Party Spines

In this brownfield configuration, customers have existing, third-party spines in a spine-leaf topology, and only the leaf switches are running Netvisor ONE.  

UNUM manages, collects telemetry and analyzes data for the leaf switches.  

A “Collector” is still chosen at fabric creation to enable Fabric Management and Insight Analytics of the Netvisor One switches.

UNUM Fabric with Third-Party Spines