Selecting Analytics → Switch Analytics → Traffic → Port Stats displays the Port Traffic dashboard. The Port Stats tab is highlighted.

UNUM provides access to specific feature help documentation via the Help Button  icon.

You must select a node switch from the Fabric to update the dashboard with Port Traffic data.

Switch Analytics Port Traffic Select Switch

The Port dashboard displays port traffic data by active port on the selected switch beginning with the first port.

Switch Analytics Port Traffic Dashboard

You visually determine port traffic utilization using the color coded indicators on each port displayed ranging from green (<50%) to red (80-100%).

You select different display plots using the Plot traffic for drop-down menu.

Data display options include: octets, pauseFrames, problem packets, multicastPkts, discards, broadcastPkts, errors, packets and congestionDropPkts.

When selected the display automatically updates with the application data.

Clicking on additional ports adds that data to the dashboard display as shown below.

You remove the added plots by clicking on the associated Remove link.

Switch Analytics Port Traffic Dashboard Multiple Ports

You select time ranges using the time range selector. Time ranges are selected from 60 seconds to the Last 7 days.

Time Selector

Time Range

Switch Analytics Port Traffic Time Range

You search for Trunks, Vlags, Port Number, and Speed using the Search box.

The Port Traffic indicators automatically update as well as the data displayed depending on the source of data and the search criteria.

Switch Analytics Port Traffic Dashboard Search Results

Rolling over a data point provides detailed information

Switch Analytics Port Traffic Dashboard Search Results Data Point Rollover