Access the VMware vCenter console (VMware vSphere Client depicted) and then follow the steps illustrated in the example figures below:

Deploy OVF Template

Deploy OVF Template

Select Source

OVF Template - Select Source

Review Details

OVF Template - Review Details

Select Name and Folder

OVF Template - Select Name & Folder

Select Resource

OVF Template - Select Resource

Select Storage

OVF Template - Select Storage

Setup Networks

OVF Template - Setup Networks


This interface uses DHCP by default. Please ensure DHCP is available.

Ready to Complete

OVF Template - Ready to Complete

Please ensure the checkbox item "Power on after deployment" option is set before clicking Finish.


OVF Template - Deploying

OVF Template - Deployed

Console Messages

Select the Console tab to view configuration messages.

OVF Template - UNUM Configuration Console Messages

As the Virtual Machine OVA is configured you will see a series of console messages indicating status of the deployment and configuration.

UNUM installation images are loaded.  The installation and configuration load times take approximately 5 - 10 minutes depending on your environment.

OVF Template - UNUM Configuration Console Messages - UNUM Images

Once the installation and configuration is complete you login in to your new UNUM instance via the console.

UNUM Console Login