Assigning Switches to be Provisioned

Next, we’ll designate which switches to provision by assigning the hostname, management IP address, MAC Address, and Device ID. We’ll also choose which software version of Netvisor ONE to install, choose the Activation Key type and designate which switches are leafs or spines.

Tip: UNUM offers both ONLINE and OFFLINE license management. By temporarily enabling internet access and associating your PNCloud account with UNUM, Netvisor ONE software files and associated license keys are available for automatic download. Click here for the procedure procedure documenting both the Online and Offline methods.

1)Click on ManagerFabricZTP Switch and click on the blue Add Switch button.

ZTP Server Add Switch

2)This opens the Provision Switch window.

ZTP Provision Switch

3)Populate the switch fields for each switch in the deployment from your previously gathered information. Ensure a software version is selected in the top pane. Also, designate whether this switch is to be a leaf or a spine.

Provision Switch Settings

In the activation key drop-down, chose the required license keys. A list of options will appear in an environment where UNUM connects directly to the Internet using an associated PNCloud account (see the UNUM and Netvisor ONE licensing section). 

License keys obtained from PNCloud for an OFFLINE environment are then uploaded to UNUM and selected for the impacted switches. The ‘**’ mark denotes previously uploaded keys.

If you are in an ONLINE environment, select the appropriate license key type that matches the license type from your PNCloud account.

Upload Key

Select or upload the Software Version of the ONIE-installer file to be used. Click on the blue Done button once all information has been entered and verified.

All Switches Entered

4)Provisioning begins. Hover over a switch’s status indicator to see the status on screen.

Switch Status

Status Indicators are color coded:


ONIE provision successful. 


ONIE provision in progress.


ONIE provision not started or connectivity issues exist (check to see that the device is powered on and/or that the IP address is reachable from the UNUM management IP).


ONIE Provision Error. Process will need to be re-executed.

5)Once installation is complete, a green status indicator shows in the status column. 

Green Status Indicators

When all switches show a green status Netvisor ONE is installed on all switches, the management IP addresses are configured, and all switches are ready to be added to a fabric.

Note: Software provisioning occurs in parallel, resulting in a drastic deployment time reduction.