Option 3 & Option 4: - Start / Stop NetVisor UNUM

Start NetVisor UNUM

From time to time, you may need to stop or start the NetVisor UNUM service when configuring specific settings or when initially configuring NetVisor UNUM. You start the NetVisor UNUM services by selecting Option 3.

The Installation Setup screen displays the list of starting services.

NetVisor UNUM - Start Services

Note: The Eth2 Warning message alerts you to configure this interface if you use it for Inband management.

If you have stopped services on other VMs for NetVisor UNUM, the Installation Setup wizard prompts you to start the services on other VMs.

Start Other VM Services

After all services are started point your browser to http://<your VM ip>/ to display the NetVisor UNUM interface.

Stop NetVisor UNUM

If NetVisor UNUM is running and before attempting any configuration changes you must stop the services by selecting Option 4.

The Installation Setup screen displays the list of stopping services.

NetVisor UNUM - Stop Services

If you have VMs configured as clusters for NetVisor UNUM, the installation prompts you to stop the services on other VMs.

You must use the right SSH username and password, and this information should be the same for all nodes in the cluster.

NetVisor UNUM - Prompt to Stop Other VM Services

Note: In the event of a server / VM reload, re-run the ‘UNUM_setup.sh’ script again first stopping services and then re-starting the services using Option 4 and Option 3.