Static IP Assignment for ESXI Management (eth0) Interface

1.Connect to the ESXi console and Press F2 to log in to DCUI.

2.In the System Customization screen, move the cursor down and select Configure Management Network:

EXSI Management - Configure Management Network

3.Select IP Configuration and press Enter to assign an IP address:

EXSI IP Configuration

4.Select “Set static IP address and network configuration” and press Enter.

5.Now, you will be back on the Configure Management screen; scroll down to the DNS Configuration and press Enter to modify the DNS IP settings.

6.You will be presented with the DNS configuration where you need to enter the DNS Server IP address and hostname. When you have finished entering the details, press Enter.

EXSI DNS Configuration

7.Now, you will be back on the Configure Management screen. Scroll down to Custom DNS Suffixes and press Enter to change DNS suffixes.

8.In Custom DNS Suffixes, modify the suffixes as required, press Enter:

EXSI Custom DNS Suffixes

9.You need to save the configuration that has been changed, from the Configure Management Network, press Esc and you will be asked for confirmation on the Configure Management Network scene:

EXSI Configure Management Network - Confirm

10.Press Y to confirm the settings; this will save the settings and restart the management network.

11.If you want to make sure that the configuration is correct, from the System Customization screen you can perform the test management network operation. To proceed with the test, select Test Management Network and press Enter.

12.The ESXi host will try to ping the DNS servers and the default gateway and resolve the configured host name:

ESXI Test Management Network

13.Press Enter to proceed with the testing, and the test will show the status as OK or Failed. If you notice any failure, make sure that you have configured the correct settings.