Pluribus UNUM Unified Management, Automation and Analytics Platform Software is an application portal developed by Pluribus Networks that enables the network administrator to extract the analytical value from the telemetry data reported by the network switches powered by the Pluribus Networks Netvisor® ONE network operating system.

Once data is collected, UNUM relies upon a modern search engine database infrastructure to store, aggregate, filter, correlate and visualize vast amounts of data in real-time as well as with a powerful time machine functionality.

The Pluribus UNUM portal provides a collection of feature-rich applications which manages and orchestrates the gathering and presentation of network analytics using various types of collectors and reporting software.

The UNUM applications rely primarily on features of the Netvisor ONE such as VFLOWs, mirrors and connections statistics but can also provide analytics in a non-Pluribus environment. At a high-level, the following deployment scenarios are supported:

        • Netvisor ONE as a mirror switch; an out-of-band Pluribus switch is configured as a mirror in either an existing Pluribus-switched network or a non-Pluribus-switched network.
        • Netvisor ONE as an in-band switch; connection stats are pulled and VFLOWs are configured on the switch.

Collectors gather network analytics and feed data into the UNUM analytics store(s):

        • This collector is enhanced to use the vREST API to gather the analytics data from Netvisor.

Pluribus UNUM Standard Appliance

The Pluribus UNUM Standard Appliance is a pre-integrated 1 rack-unit server hosting the UNUM Platform virtual appliance, it provides the following benefits:

        • Turn-key appliance to deploy UNUM Platform and Insight Analytics
        • Easy to startup and configure
        • Store up to 100 Million records
        • Capable to collect up to 1,000 connection records/seconds

The Pluribus UNUM Standard Appliance is the simplest option to deploy the all-in-one UNUM Platform and Insight Analytics virtual appliance, suitable for small to medium deployments.