Adding Areas and Prefix Lists to OSPF

You can now configure OSPF areas as a stub area, stub-no-summary area, or a not so stubby area (NSSA). Stub areas see detailed routing information from other areas, but only summary information about networks outside of the AS. Stub-no-summary areas summarize external routes and routes from other areas. Routers in this type of area only see routing information local to their area. Not so stubby areas (NSSA) connects to the external network by introducing a Link State Advertisement (LSA) used within the area to carry external routes originating with boundary routers connected to this area.


To add a stub area to vRouter, vrouter-ospf, with area 100, use the following command:

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > vrouter-ospf-area-add vrouter-name vrouter-ospf area 100 stub-type stub


The parameter, stub-type, is a required parameter.


In addition, you can add prefix lists to filter host IP addresses. To add prefix lists to OSPF areas, see Configuring Prefix Lists for BGP and OSPF.