Adding IPv6 Link-Local Addresses for Static Routing

IPv6 link-local addresses have a specific prefix fe80::/10 and are relevant only on the local link. This makes it possible to have the same link-local address on multiple IPv6 interfaces. If you add a static route reachable through a link-local address, you must specify the outgoing interface.

A new parameter now allows you to specify the interface for the static route:

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > vrouter-static-route-add


vrouter-name name-string

Specify the name of the vRouter service.

network ip-address

Specify the IP subnet of the network that you want to add a static router.

netmask netmask

Specify the netmask of the IP subnet.

gateway-ip ip-address

Specify the IP address of the gateway that you want to route packets destined for the network IP address.

bfd-dst-ip ip-address

Specify the destination IP address for BFD monitoring.

distance number

Specifies the administrative distance in a number from 0 to 255:

  • 0  — Connected interface
  • 1 — Static route
  • 110 — OSPF
  • 120 — RIP
  • 200 — Internal BGP

interface vrouter interface nic

Specify the vRouter interface for the static route.


You can remove or display the state using the commands, vrouter-static-route-remove, and vrouter-static-route-show.