Configuring Active-Standby Link Failover on Management Interfaces

With switches that have dual management ports, you can aggregate them in a LAG with both of them being active and forwarding. This is useful when increased bandwidth is required for management purposes or when the upstream management network supports solutions like MG-LAG (aka virtual chassis) to remove single points of failure.

Alternatively, when it’s desirable that only one of the two management interfaces be forwarding, the so-called “active-standby” or “active-backup” mode of operation is supported for LAG on management ports.

In this case, the management interfaces form a LAG with only one of the two members active at any time. The other link is in standby mode, which means that it becomes forwarding only when the primary link goes down. When the primary link comes back up, it rejoins the LAG and the backup link returns to standby state.

Use the switch-setup-modify command to set up a management LAG.

Use the active-standby option to enable the active-backup mode.

CLI (network-admin@switch) > switch-setup-modify mgmt-lag <disable| enable | active-standby>