Configuring Keep-Alive Time for Virtual Link Extension (vLE)

As part of vLE tracking, each node hosting vLEs sends fabric fast keepalives every one second to every other node that hosts the endpoint of the local vLEs. A local node times out a remote node if a keepalive is not received from the remote node in 3 seconds which is the default vLE tracking timeout.

If a remote node is timed out, the local vLE ports, terminating on the remote node, are brought down. In some deployments, a three second timeout is not enough.

Note that the periodic fast keepalive send frequency is still one second. Only the timeout value is adjusted to the configured value.

CLI (network-admin@switch) > system-settings-modify vle-tracking-timeout seconds


You can configure a value from 3 to 30 seconds.


CLI (network-admin@switch) > fabric-node-show keepalive-timeout high resolution time: #ns 


The fabric keepalive timeout is configured in nanoseconds.