Configuring  Other Advanced CPTP Settings

Various additional settings are available to tweak the behavior of Control Plane Traffic Protection to one’s needs (e.g., the threshold for the maximum number of acceptable CPU hog violators per port).

It is possible to show the values of the settings with the following command:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > cpu-class-settings-show 

switch:                     switch

hog-checker-interval(ms):   100

hog-max-violators-per-port: 50

hog-warning-threshold:      5

hog-violator-timeout(s):    20

In this example, the timeout for a violator (which is no longer misbehaving) to be removed from quarantine is 20 seconds. The maximum number of violators per port is set to 50.

These settings can be modified with the following command:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > cpu-class-settings-modify

hog-checker-interval hog-checker-interval-number (ms)

Specify the hog checking interval in milliseconds.

hog-max-violators-per-port hog-max-violators-per-port-number

Specify the maximum number of hog violators per port.

hog-warning-threshold hog-warning-threshold-number

Specify the number of warnings at which host becomes hog violator.

hog-violator-timeout hog-violator-timeout-number (s)

Specify the timeout before restoring the hog violator to normal queue after an idle state.