Configuring Prefix Lists for BGP and OSPF

Prefix lists allow you to permit or deny host IP addresses from route distribution in BGP and OSPF configurations. To configure prefix lists for BGP, this example assumes that you have a vRouter configured for BGP, vrouter-bgp, and you want to deny the IP address, with the netmask, sequence number 5, and minimum prefix length 17 bits:


CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > vrouter-prefix-list-add vrouter-name vrouter-bgp name deny-bits action deny prefix netmask seq 5 min-prefix-len 17


This prefix list rejects any subnets of with prefixes 17 bits or longer. For example, the subnets and are rejected from route distribution.


The sequence number allows you to insert or remove new lines in a prefix list as well as at the beginning or end. It is recommended that you increment the sequence numbers by 10 so you can easily add or subtract lists from the configuration. See also: