Configuring the VXLAN Loopback Trunk

In order to perform routing on the overlay and to replicate Layer 2 broadcast, unknown unicast and multicast (BUM) traffic over multiple VXLAN tunnels on Pluribus switches, you must add ports to a vxlan-loopback-trunk using the following command:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > trunk-modify name vxlan-loopback-trunk ports <list of ports> jumbo

Where <list of ports> may vary based on the hardware architecture of the switch (on most models it is likely to be a list of front panel ports set aside for this use.)

Check the data sheet of your switch model to verify the number of internal ports as well as front-panel ports available and their respective speeds. Depending on the expected peak amount of routed and BUM traffic, you can use either N x 10G ports or two (or more) 40G ports.

The above command also prints out the following informational message:

!!!! Ports updated on vxlan-loopback-trunk. Ports added only support vxlan recirculation. Any features configured on these ports may not work. Please update the necessary config. Any ports removed need necessary adjustment on autoneg,jumbo,etc !!!

If you create a VLAN with associated VXLAN ID when vxlan-loopback-trunk is without any active ports, you will get this warning message:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > vlan-create id 100 scope local vxlan 1001000

!!!! Vlan 100 created, but there are no ports configured in vxlan-loopback-trunk. vxlan forwarding may not function correctly. !!!!