Displaying Fabric Instances

To show all the fabric instances and their specific details, use the fabric-show command:

CLI network-admin@switch > fabric-show

name        id           vlan fabric-network control-network tid fabric-advertisement-network

------- ---------------- ---- -------------- --------------- --- ----------------------------

Fabric1  b000707:59b6a9ef 0    mgmt           mgmt            48        inband-mgmt

Fabric2  90004eb:59b7da05 0    mgmt           mgmt            8        inband-mgmt

Netvisor ONE discovers all available fabric instances by sending out special multicast messages, called global discoveries, whenever a physical port becomes forwarding or on demand.

For example, when you execute a fabric-show command, Netvisor ONE sends discovery messages over in-band as well as over the management interface.

After receiving a global discovery message the receiving device responds with a global keep-alive message containing the required fabric and node information.

This local multicast-based discovery mechanism implies that direct Layer 2 connectivity exist between the discoverer and the polled switches.