IPFIX Collector

Flow collectors are able to dynamically read the templates exported by flow capable hardware and store the flows being sent. Most IPFIX collectors provide reporting on the data and some even provide behavior analysis to help detect network threats.

On each Pluribus switch, Netvisor One embeds a real-time non-sampled IPFIX metering process, and each switch can be configured as an IPFIX exporter. In addition, Netvisor One supports exporting to multiple collectors.

Bidirectional Flow Support

Pluribus Networks supports bidirectional flows for IPFIX in that every flow record contains the attribute of both endpoints. Many flow analysis tasks benefit from association of the upstream and downstream flows of a bidirectional communication, for example, separating answered and unanswered TCP requests, calculating round trip times, and more.

Metering processes that are not part of an asymmetric routing infrastructure, especially those deployed at a single point through which bidirectional traffic flows, are well positioned to observe bidirectional flows (Biflows). In such topologies, the total resource requirements for Biflow assembly are often lower if the Biflows are assembled at the measurement interface as opposed to the IPFIX Collector. The IPFIX Protocol requires only information model extensions to be complete as a solution for exporting Biflow data.