Layer 3 Table Validation

Layer 3 entries can become unsynchronized between the software table and the hardware table when you modify routes while the routes update on the network.

This feature adds parameters to the l3-setting-modify command to automatically check Layer 3 entries:

CLI (network-admin@spine1) > l3-setting-modify


One or more of the following options:


aging-time seconds

Specify the aging-time for Layer 3 entries, use 0 to disable aging.

convergence-time seconds

Specify the unicast convergence time on bootup (seconds)


Specify if you want to check Layer 3 consistency

l3-checker-interval duration: #d#h#m#

Specify the interval for Layer 3 consistency checker


Enable fixing of inconsistent entries


Netvisor uses two commands to manually check and fix Layer 3 inconsistencies:

CLI (network-admin@spine1) > l3-check-fix


CLI (network-admin@spine1) > l3-check-show