Performing the Cluster Re-peer Process

In order to rebuild a cluster over a Layer 2 or Layer 3 fabric it’s necessary to use the fabric-join command with the repeer-to-cluster-node option.

For example, if one wants to join switch1 from switch3 to rebuild a cluster pair (that previously lost switch2), the following command can be used:

CLI (network-admin@switch3) > fabric-join repeer-to-cluster-node switch1

in case of a Layer 2 fabric.

In case of a Layer 3 fabric (using for example OSPF or BGP for interconnection), the command changes to:

CLI (network-admin@switch3) > fabric-join repeer-to-cluster-node switch1 ?

password          plain text password

abort-on-conflict fabric join is aborted

delete-conflicts  conflicts are deleted

over-l3           fabric is over layer 3

CLI (network-admin@switch3) > fabric-join repeer-to-cluster-node switch1 over-l3

Joined fabric myFabric. Restarting nvOS...

Please enter username and password:

       Username (network-admin):


Connected to Switch switch3; nvOS Identifier:0x900093c; Ver: 5.1.0-5010014758

You can display the information about the fabric instance of the local switch using the fabric-info command:

CLI (network-admin@switch3) > fabric-info format all layout vertical

name:                         myFabric

id:                           a000030:5537b46c

vlan:                         3

fabric-network:               in-band

control-network:              in-band

tid:                          365

fabric-advertisement-network: inband-only

over-l3:                      true