Routing MIBs

For the routing MIBs, OSPF and BGP, Netvisor ONE hosts the routing protocols inside vRouter. Use the commands vrouter-create and vrouter-modify to enable the routing MIBs. You can also enable the SNMP notifications for OSPF and BGP protocols while enabling the routing MIBs.

The enable Routing MIBs feature is supported only on single vRouter on a fabric. You cannot enable Routing MIBs for all the switches in same fabric.  

To enable or disable the routing MIBs, BGP and OSPF on the vRouter, use the command:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > vrouter-create name name-string

Specify one or more options:


Enable or disable BGP SNMP MIB.



Enable or disable BGP SNMP notifications.


Enable or disable OSPF SNMP MIB.



Enable or disable OSPF SNMP notifications.


Enable or disable OSPFv3 SNMP MIB.



Enable or disable OSPFv3 SNMP notifications


Enable or disable ipForward SNMP MIB.

For example, to create a vrouter, vr1 and to enable the routing MIBs and notifications on vr1, use the command:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > vrouter-create vr1 bgp-snmp bgp-snmp-notification ospf-snmp ospf-snmp-notification

Use the vrouter-modify command to modify or disable the SNMP notifications:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > vrouter-modify vr1 bgp-snmp no-bgp-snmp-notification ospf-snmp no-ospf-snmp-notification

To run SNMP Walk on the supported switches, you must  ensure:

  • The SNMP service is enabled on the switch by using the admin-service-show command.
  • The community-string is configured correctly on the switch using the command, snmp-community-create community-string <community-string-name>. For more details, see the Creating SNMP Communities section.
  • To get traps for particular SNMP trap receiver or NMS software, configure the SNMP trap sink host using the command, snmp-trap-sink-create community <community-string-name> type TRAP_TYPE_V2C_TRAP dest-host <destination-host>. For more details, see the Enabling SNMP Traps section.