Showing VXLAN Trunk Replication Counters

Informational Note: This command is only supported on E68 and E28 platforms.

It is possible to display statistics (incoming and outgoing bytes, packets, etc.) for VXLAN connections (simply called tunnels) that also include the amount of head-end replication (HER) applied to the VXLAN traffic.

Currently, Netvisor ONE uses vxlan-loopback-trunk port stats counters for HER replication statistics; therefore, they are cumulative not granular, but may provide a useful tool to measure the amount of vxlan-loopback-trunk bandwidth required in real world conditions.

The tunnel-stats-show command can be used to output all the statistics including the number of head-end replicated packets and the number of head-end replicated bytes. It can also be executed periodically with the show-interval seconds-interval option as shown in the example below:

CLI (network-admin@Spine1) > tunnel-stats-show show-interval 1 format all

Figure 8-12: Wide Multi-Column Output of VXLAN Head End Replication Counters