This document uses the following conventions:



Bold font

Keywords, user interface elements, and user-entered text appear in bold font.

Italic font

Document titles, new or emphasized terms, and variables that you supply values are in italic font.

[ ]

Elements in square brackets are optional.


Required elements are grouped in curly braces and are separated by vertical bars.


Optional parameters are grouped in brackets and separated by vertical bars.


 A non-quoted set of characters. Do not use quotation marks around the string or the string includes the quotation marks.

courier font

Command Line Interface (CLI) commands and samples appear in courier font.

< >

Non-printing characters such as passwords are indicated by angle brackets.

[ ]

Default responses to system prompts are in square brackets.


Indicates that you enter the following text at the command prompt.


Indicates information of special interest.


Indicates a situation that could cause equipment failure or loss of data.


Indicates information that can help you solve a problem.


Indicates information that could impact you or your network.

Time Saver:

Indicates information that can help you save time.