Use this command to display information about transceiver memory.

Syntax   port-xcvr-memory-show

ports port-list 

Displays the specified ports.

Defaults   None

Access   Network Administrator

History   Command introduced in Version 3.1.0.

Usage   Use this command to display information about transceivers memory.

Examples  Use the following syntax to display ports 3-5:

CLI network-admin@switch > port-xcvr-memory-show


This command is used to display information about a transceiver installed in a port on the switch.

Syntax   port-xcvr-show

port port-list

Displays the port list.

vendor-name vendor-name-string

Displays the vendor name for the transceiver.

part-number part-number-string

Displays the part number of the transceiver.

serial-number serial-number-string

Displays the serial number.

supported Yes|Warning! Not supported

Displays information about supported transceivers.

temperature[C] temperature[C]-number

Displays the port temperature in degrees Centigrade.

vout[mV] vout[mV]-number

Displays the voltage in millivolts.

tx-bias1[mA] tx-bias1[mA]-string

Displays the transmit bias current (mA).

tx-pwr[dBm] tx-pwr[dBm]-string

Displays the transmit power (dBm).

rx-pwr[dBm] rx-pwr[dBm]-string

Displays receive power (dBm).

Defaults   None.

Access   CLI


Version 1.2.1

Command introduced.

Version 2.6.0

Transmit and receiver parameters added for lanes.

Usage   Used to display information about SFPs installed in ports on the switch.


CLI network-admin@switch > port-xcvr-show

switch:        aquila-ext-43

port:          8

vendor-name:   PluribusNetworks

part-number:   QSFP40-CU0P5M

serial-number: V05B6082

supported:     Yes

temp[C]:         0.00

vcc[V]:        0.00

tx-bias1[mA]:   0.00

tx-bias2[mA]:   0.00

tx-bias3[mA]:   0.00

tx-bias4[mA]:   0.00

rx-pwr1[dBm]:   -Inf

rx-pwr2[dBm]:   -Inf

rx-pwr3[dBm]:   -Inf

rx-pwr4[dBm]:   -Inf