This command displays multicast group membership.

Syntax   vrouter-pim-join-show

vrouter-name name-string

Displays the vRouter name.

source ip-address

Displays the source IP address.

upstream ip-address

Displays the upstream IP address.

group ip-address

Displays the group IP address.

incoming-if incoming-if-string

Displays the incoming interface name.

incoming incoming-number

Displays the incoming interface number.

outgoing-ifs outgoing-ifs-string

Displays the outgoing interface name.

mrt-state spt|wc|rp|new|iif-reg|reg|cache|null-oif|reg-supp|asserted|sg|pmbr|clone

Displays the multicast route state.

pruned-ifs pruned-ifs-string

Displays a list of the pruned interfaces.

leaf-ifs leaf-ifs-string

Displays a list of leaf interfaces.

Defaults   None

Access   CLI


Version 2.2.5

Command introduced.

Version 2.4

The parameters, oifs_bitmap, joined-ifs, joined_bitmap, pruned-ifs, asserted-ifs, asserted_bitmap, leaf-ifs, and leaves_bitmap, deprecated.

Usage   Use this command to display multicast route states for vRouters.

Examples  To display the multicast route states, use the following syntax:

CLI network-admin@switch > vrouter-pim-join-show

vrouter-name:                 pleiades24



incoming-if:                  eth0.110

outgoing-ifs:                 register_vif0

joined-ifs:                   eth0.112

pruned-ifs:                   eth0.113

asserted-ifs:                 eth0.111

leaf-ifs:                     eth0.115,eth0.117