Post Installation Configuration

After installation and activation is complete you can proceed to configure the switches for your network.

The Pluribus Data Center Interconnect Validated Design Guide provides a practical guide to create validated leaf-spine architectures.

The Pluribus Networks Netvisor ONE Configuration Guide provides an authoritative guide to the many features of Netvisor ONE. Basic knowledge of the management CLI is assumed; use the Configuration Guide to review CLI syntax and structure.

The overall procedure to configure Netvisor ONE based on the Validated Design Guide is as follows:

1)Review the topology and design considerations

oRedundancy requirements

oIP and VLAN scheme

2)Completing the initial switch setup

oSetup wizard runs automatically upon first login (default login/password: pluribus/pluribus_password)

oSet the timezone

oOther management interface parameters may need to be configured

oReview NTP server information to be used for time sync

3)Creating the ONVL Fabric

ofabric-create command or fabric-join command

ofabric-show command

For more details on configuring the Netvisor ONE features, see the Configuration Guide.