Guidelines and Limitations

The following guidelines and limitations apply while configuring the fabric:

  • Pluribus recommends, for security reasons, to change the VLAN ID used to create an in-band fabric over a Layer 2 or Layer 3 network as Netvisor ONE uses a default VLAN ID, VLAN 1.
  • A fabric over the in-band network (Layer 2 or Layer 3) does not require a special MTU configuration.
  • A fabric over management uses Layer 2 multicast, so be sure you do not filter multicast traffic on your management switches.
  • Changing the IP address of a node joined to the fabric may cause the node to appear as offline for other fabric members. Therefore, before changing the IP address, unjoin the fabric, and then rejoin the fabric to avoid any inconsistencies.
  • A Pluribus switch can only be part of one single fabric at a time.
  • Netvisor ONE supports the following currently validated, tested number of fabric nodes in the same fabric:
    • 24 nodes for non-Pluribus switches
    • 32 nodes for Pluribus Networks switches
  • When setting up a fabric, switches can only join the fabric one at a time. If you have a large fabric, you should consider this delay during the provisioning of the fabric.