Guidelines and Limitations

For recommended cluster and vLAG design topologies, refer to the section “About Symmetric Routing over vLAGs”.

For cluster over Layer 3 the following guidelines apply: 

  • You cannot configure the cluster over Layer 3 feature on switches that are configured as EVPN border gateways. (See the Configuring EVPN section for more details on border gateways.) 
  • You must disable any direct links between cluster nodes before configuring cluster over Layer 3. 
  • To create a cluster over Layer 3 configuration, you must first configure VTEPs on each cluster node. For details, see Configuring the Overlay: VTEP Interconnections and VNIs section in the Configuring VXLAN chapter of the Netvisor ONE Configuration Guide
  • To forward traffic over the cluster’s local auto-tunnel, you must associate all VLANs with VXLAN IDs and the VXLAN IDs with VTEPs. 
  • Pluribus Networks recommends out-of-band connectivity (using a dedicated management network) for the cluster over Layer 3 feature. 
  • The fabric-join repeer-to-cluster-node operation requires direct inter-switch links. Therefore, this functionality is not supported with a cluster over Layer 3. 
  • The cluster over Layer 3 functionality supports using a physical interface’s IP address only. It does not support a loopback interface’s IP address.