Guidelines to Remember When Configuring sFlow

There are some guidelines to consider when configuring the sFlow monitoring feature:

  • sFlow is a scope local feature.
  • You can configure the sFlow sampling rate (sample-rate) in the range 256-16000. By default the sampling rate is set to 4096. To disable sFlow traffic sampling, configure the sampling rate to zero (0) .
  • The sFlow Agent ID is  typically the switch’s management IP address and indicates the originator of the sample frames.
  • The sFlow monitoring system supports only IPv4 sampling.
  • The sFlow sample type can be either raw or cooked mode, and the default is raw
  • By default, the counter-polling-interval is 2 seconds and the available range is 1-120 seconds. To disable counter sampling, you can set the interval to zero (0).
  • The sample-pkt-cnt command output and option is the total number of sampled packets from the sFlow Agent.
  • The sFlow Collector configuration requires the Collector’s IP address and port number.
  • The sFlow Collector configuration can be scope local or scope fabric.
  • You can configure multiple sFlow Collectors: the first or the latest available Collector is selected to send the sampled packets to.
  • Egress sFlow samplers do not capture modifications to the packets in the egress pipeline (for example, VLAN translation or VXLAN header encapsulation).