Open vSwitch is a multilayer virtual switch licensed by Apache 2.0. It is designed to enable massive network automation through programmable extensions. This command displays information about an Open vSwitch interface to the switch.

Syntax   openvswitch-interface-show

ovs-name name-string

This parameter is not configurable. It defaults to the name that you used to create the Open vSwitch service.

Specify one or both of the following options:

nic nic-string

The virtual NIC assigned to interface.

ip ip-address

The IP address for the interface.

netmask netmask

The netmask.

assignment none|static|dhcp|dhcpv6|autov6   

The method of IP address assignment.

ip2 ip-address

Second IP address.

netmask2 netmask

Second IP netmask.

assignment2 none|static|dhcp|dhcpv6|autov6

Type of IP address assignment.

linklocal ip-address

The IPv6 Link Local address.

assignment-linklocal none|static|dhcp|dhcpv6|autov6

Type of IPv6 linklocal address assignment

mac mac-address

Interface MAC address.

vnet vnet-name

Specify interface VLAN vNET.

bd bridge-domain name

The bridge domain name.

vlan vlan-id

The VLAN assigned to the interface.

vlan-type public|private

The type of VLAN for the interface.

public-vlan 0..4095

Interface public VLAN.

if mgmt|data|span

The interface type.

alias-on alias-on-string

Specify an alias if desired.


Specify if the interface is exclusive or not.


Specify if the NIC is enabled or disabled.

nic-state down|up

The NIC state.

is-primary true|false

Primary VRRP interface.

is-primary2 true|false

Primary VRRP interface for Second IP.

vrrp-id id 

The ID assigned by VRRP.

vrrp-primary vrrp-primary-string

The primary interface for VRRP.

vrrp-priority 0..254

The VRRP priority for the interface.

vrrp-adv-int milliseconds

The VRRP advertisement interval in milliseconds. The range is 10 to 40950 with a default value of 1000.

vrrp-state slave|master

State of VRRP.

vrrp-preempt-mode disable|enable

Used to allow/prevent high priority BACKUP from becoming MASTER.

secondary-macs secondary-macs-string

Specify a secondary MAC address for the interface.

if-nat-realm internal|external

The NAT interface realm.


The VLAN 0 priority tag on forwarded traffic.

vrf vrf-name

Name of VRF.

sec-addresses sec-addresses-number

Number of IP, and IPv6 addresses configured on this interface.

Defaults   None

Access   CLI


Version 2.4

Command introduced.

Version 2.4.1

The parameter vxlan deprecated. The parameter vlan-type added.

Version 2.6.2

The parameter if-nat-realm added.

Version 3.1.0

The parameter priority-tag|no-priority-tag added.

Usage   Use this command to display interface information about an Open vSwitch interface.

Examples  To display information about an Open vSwitch interface, openvswitch-1, use the following command:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > openvswitch-interface-show

ovs-name nic     ip               mac               vlan vlan-type nic-state mtu  priority-tag

-------- ------- ---------------- ----------------- ---- --------- --------- ---- ------------

ovs-los1 eth4.14 66:0e:94:dd:ff:58 14   public    up        1500 off