Spanning Tree Protocol Commands


This command is used to configure Spanning Tree Protocol (STP).

Syntax   stp-modify

mst-config-name name-string

Specify the name of the Multiple Spanning Tree (MST) configuration.


Specify if you want to enable or disable STP.

stp-mode rstp|mstp

Specify the STP mode as RSTP or MSTP.

Specify one or more of the following options:


Specify if you want BPDU packets to bridge specific ports or all ports.

bridge-priority bridge-priority-number

Specify the bridge priority.

hello-time seconds

Specify the hello time in seconds. This is a value between 1, and 10 seconds. The default value is 2 seconds.

forwarding-delay seconds

Specify the forwarding delay in seconds. This is a value between 4, and 30 seconds.

max-age seconds

Specify the maximum age of the bridge. This is a value between 6, and 40 seconds. The default value is 20 seconds.

mst-max-hops number

Specify the maximum hop count for MSTP BPDUs. The default value is 20 with a range of 1 to 32 hops.

mst-config-name mst-config-name-string 

Specify the name of the MST configuration instance.

mst-config-revision mst-config-revision-number

Specify an MST revision number from 0 to 65535.

root-guard-wait-time seconds

Specify the time to wait for root guard in seconds. The range is 0 (disable) to 300 seconds with a default value of 20 seconds.

Defaults   None.

Access   CLI


Version 1.2

Command introduced.

Version 2.4

The parameters mst-config, stp-mode, and mst-max-hops added.

Version 3.0.0

The parameter root-guard-wait-time added.

Version 6.0.1

The parameter mst-config-revision, and mst-config-name added.

Usage   STP is a standard inter-switch protocol used to ensure that an ad hoc network topology is loop-free at Layer 2, on a per VLAN basis. If your network connections form loops, and STP is disabled, packets recirculate between the switches, and cause a decrease in network performance. If you are certain that your network is loop-free, you do not need to enable STP. Use this command to enable or disable STP on the network.

Examples  To enable STP, use the following command:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > stp-modify enable