To facilitate optimal east-west routing while supporting transparent virtual machine mobility, leaf switches are assigned the same gateway IP, and MAC address for each locally defined subnet. Having the same gateway IP, and MAC address helps ensure a default gateway presence across all leaf switches. It removes the suboptimal routing inefficiencies associated with separate centralized gateways.

This command allows you to display subnet configurations.

Syntax   subnet-show

name name-string

Name for the subnet.

description description-string

The subnet description.

scope local|cluster|fabric

The scope of the subnet.

vnet vnet name 

The vNET name to assign to the subnet.

vlan vlan id

The VLAN to assign to the subnet.

vxlan vlan vxlan

The VXLAN to assign to the subnet

network ip-address

The IP address to assign to the subnet.

netmask netmask

The netmask of the IP address.

anycast-gw-ip ip-addresss

The IP address for the anycast gateway.

network6 ip-address

The IPv6 subnet address.

netmask6 netmask

The IPv6 netmask.

anycast-gw-ip6 ip-address

The IPv6 address for the anycast gateway.

linklocal ip-address

The IPv6 Link Local address.

packet-relay enable|disable|none

The packet relay as enabled, disabled, or none.

forward-proto dhcp

The forwarding packet protocol. The parameter only accepts DHCP as the protocol.

forward-ip ip-address

The IPv4 address for forwarding the packet.

forward-ip2 ip-address

The second IPv4 address for forwarding the packet.

forward-ip6 ip-address

The IPv6 address for forwarding the packet.

forward-ip6-2 ip-address

The second IPv6 address for forwarding the packet.

flood enable|disable|none

Specifies the flooding state of BUM traffic.

state init|ok|vxlan not found|vxlan deactivated|not-in-hw|vrouter interface exists

The subnet state.

leaked-on leaked-on-string

The leaked VRF list.


The subnet state in rib/fib.


Enable or disable the subnet.

evpn-export-leaked-networks permit|deny

Specifies the exporting leaked subnets to EVPN overlay.

Defaults   None

Access   Network Administrator


Version 3.0.0

Command introduced.

Version 3.1.0

The parameters network6, netmask6, anycast-gw-ip6, packet-relay, forward-proto, forward-ip, forward-ip6, and enable|disabled added.

Version 5.1.0

The following parameters added:

  • forward-ip2
  • forward-ip6-2 ip-address

Version 6.0.0

The parameter description added.

Version 7.0.0

The parameter evpn-export-leaked-networks added.

Usage   Use this command to display a subnet configuration.

Examples  To display a subnet configuration, sub1, use the following syntax:

CLI (network-admin@switch)1 > subnet-show name vlan-235 format name,scope,vlan,vxlan,vrf,network,state,enable,evpn-export-leaked-subnets

name     scope  vlan  vxlan  vrf  network     state enable evpn-export-leaked-subnets

-------- ------ ----- ------ ---- ----------- ----- ------ --------------------------

vlan-235 fabric 235   10235  vrf3 ok    yes    deny