This command displays static route entries for an existing virtual router (vRouter) service for a fabric, cluster, standalone switch, or virtual network (vNET).

Syntax   vrouter-static-route-show

vrouter-name name-string

Name of the vRouter service.

network ip-address

The IP subnet of the network that you want to add a static router.

netmask netmask

The netmask of the IP subnet.

gateway-ip ip-address

The IP address of the gateway that you want to route packets destined for the network IP address.

bfd-dst-ip ip-address

The destination IP address for BFD monitoring.

distance number

The administrative distance in a number from 0 to 255.

• 0  — Connected interface

• 1 — Static route

• 110 — OSPF

• 120 — RIP

• 200 — Internal BGP

bfd none|single-hop|multi-hop

The BFD protocol for the gateway fault detection.

bfd-src-ip ip-address

The source IP address for the BFD session.

interface vrouter interface nic

vRouter interface for the static route.


Specify if user wants to drop packets to create a null static route.

vrf vrouter vrf vrf|default

Name of the VRF router.

Defaults   None.

Access   CLI


Version 1.2

Command introduced.

Version 2.1

The parameter distance added.

Version 2.6.2

The parameters bfd-dst-ip, bfd, and bfd-src-ip added.

Version 3.0.0

The parameter interface added.

Version 3.0.3

The parameter drop added.

Usage   Each fabric, cluster, standalone switch, or virtual network (vNET) can provide its tenants with a virtual router (vRouter) service that forwards traffic between networks, and implements Layer 3 protocols. This command displays static route entries for an existing Router service.

Examples  To display all static routes for all vRouter services, use the following command:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > vrouter-static-route-show layout vertical