Configuring 10/100M Override Using Bel-Fuse SFP-1GBT-05 on F9372-X Platforms

Note: This feature is applicable for  F9372-X or AS5812-54X platforms. 

Auto-negotiation function between two connected devices stipulates a set of shared parameters - link speed, duplex mode, and flow control. The F9372-X or AS5812-54X platform, with the Bel-Fuse SFP-1GBT-05 copper transceiver plugged into one of its ports, can support legacy 10M/100M devices that do not have auto-negotiation capability. As the SFP-1GBT-05 transceiver performs auto-negotiation by default, this function should be disabled on the F9372-X switch through nvOS. An operating link speed of either 10M or 100M can be configured. With the exception of F9372-X, the 10/100M override capability is not available on other switch platforms and is supported only on the SFP-1GBT-05 transceiver.

Use the command below for disabling auto-negotiation and overriding the link speed on F9372-X platform. Enter the port number on which the transceiver is connected in the command:

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > port-config-modify port <port number> speed <10m|100m> no-autoneg


Use this command to update port configuration.

port <port-list>

Specify the ports that need to be configured as a list separated by commas.

Note: For 10/100M override, specify the port number on which the transceiver is connected.

Specify one or more of the following options:

speed <disable|10m|100m|1g>        

Specify one among the options as the speed at which the port should operate.

Note: specify the speed as either 10m or 100m for legacy device support.


Specify either of the options to enable auto-negotiation or to disable it.

Note: auto-negotiation has to be disabled to achieve 10/100M override.

For example, to disable auto-negotiation on port 38 and set a speed of 10M, use the command below:

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) port-config-modify port 38 speed 10m no-autoneg

However, the device do not get reprogrammed upon reinsertion. To recover from this, remove and re-add the 10M/100M override port configuration. [PR30110]