Configuring LLDP

The Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is an open, vendor-independent protocol that advertises a device's identity, abilities, and neighboring devices connected within the Local Area Network. This protocol is based on IEEE 802.1ab standard. An LLDP device sends information as Ethernet frames at regular intervals and each frame contains one LLDP Data Unit (LLDPDU) which is a sequence of different Type-Length-Value (TLV) structures. These frames start with the mandatory TLVs that include the Chassis ID, Port ID, and Time-To-Live (TTL) followed by a number of optional TLVs.

NetVisor OS provides a generic LLDP ON/OFF toggle function set at the system level. LLDP is enabled on a switch by default and without the generic function, you must disable LLDP configuration on all ports to disable LLDP on a switch. This resets all related configurations of LLDP protocol settings at the port level and LLDP vFlows. Use the following CLI command to enable or disable the protocol at the system level:

CLI (network-admin@leaf1) > system-settings-modify [lldp|no-lldp]

LLDP packets are processed on the CPU after being directed there by specific vFlow policies. To clear all LLDP protocol system redirects, use the parameter no-lldp. To add all LLDP protocol system redirects, use the parameter lldp. This approach ensures that port LLDP configurations are not disturbed.

To verify the LLDP status, use the command:

CLI (network-admin@leaf1) > system-settings-show

switch:                        leaf1

optimize-arps:                 off

lldp:                          off

policy-based-routing:          off

optimize-nd:                   off

reactivate-mac:                on

To enable/disable LLDP on one or more ports, use the command port-lldp-modify.

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > port-lldp-modify


Modify the LLDP setting on ports.

Specify the following options:

port port-list

Specify the ports on which LLDP has to be enabled or disabled as a list separated by commas.


Specify the option to enable or disable LLDP.

CLI (network-admin@switch) > port-lldp-modify port <port-list> [lldp|no-lldp]

lldp-show command displays the LLDP information of the neighbors in the network.

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > lldp-show


This command displays LLDP information.

Specify any of the following options to view the LLDP information specific to that parameter.

local-port local-port-number

Specify a local port number.

bezel-port bezel-port-string

Specify the bezel port number.

chassis-id chassis-id-string

Specify the chassis ID of the neighboring device.

port-id port-id-string

Specify the port ID of the neighboring device.

sys-name sys-name-string

Specify the system name of the neighboring device.

For example:

CLI (network-admin@SW1) > lldp-show

switch        local-port bezel-port chassis-id port-id port-desc           sys-name      

------------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ------- ------------------- --------

SW1           17         17         090009ef   17      PN Switch Port(17)  proto-1 

SW1           121        121        090009ee   121     PN Switch Port(121) proto-2 

SW2           13         13         090009ef   13      PN Switch Port(13)  proto-1 

SW2           117        117        090009ee   117     PN Switch Port(117) proto-2    

port-lldp-show command displays the LLDP status on a port basis.

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > port-lldp-show


Display LLDP configuration on the ports. This command when executed without any parameters displays the LLDP status (on/off) of all the ports on the switch.

Specify any of the following parameters to view the LLDP information specific to that parameter.

port <port-list>

Specify the list of ports separated by commas.


Use the option lldp to view all the ports on which LLDP is enabled.

Use the option no-lldp to view all the ports on which LLDP is disabled.

For example: 

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > port-lldp-show port 12,13,14,15

switch        port lldp 

------------- ---- ---- 

Leaf1         12   on   

Leaf1         13   on   

Leaf1         14   on   

Leaf1         15   on