Displaying Port Information

The NetVisor OS CLI features multiple commands that display relevant switch port information including transceiver information, physical-to-logical port mappings, Layer 2 configuration of physical ports.

Use the port-show command to display a host of parameters for all the ports with active links. Information displayed for each port includes the IP addresses and MAC addresses of hosts connected to that port. There can be more than one host per port if a network device such as an external switch is connected to it.

The port-show  command also displays port status, VLAN ID, VXLAN ID, and configuration details.

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > port-show


Displays port information.

port port-list

Specify the switch network data port number, list of ports, or range of ports. The range of valid port numbers depends on the platform's hardware configuration.

bezel-port bezel-port-string

The port number printed on the device bezel above the physical port's receptacle.

ip ip-address

IP address of a host connected to a switch data port.

mac mac-address

MAC address of a host connected to a switch data port.

vnet vnet-name

Name of the vNET.

bd bridge-domain-name

Name of the bridge domain.

vlan vlan-id

VLAN identifier as a value between 0 and 4095.

vxlan vxlan-id

VXLAN identifier as a value between 0 and 16777215.

hostname hostname

Name of a host connected to a switch data port.

status phy-up|up|disabled|hw-nat-loop|mirror-loop|mirror-to|inuse|PN-switch|PN-fabric|PN-other|PN-cluster|PN-internal|PN-hypervisor|PN-guest|snmp-host|host|uplink|drop-pkts|no-pktin|no-fwd|no-flood|STP-BPDUs|LLDP|trunk|l3-port|remote-l3-port|vdp|dhcp|dhcpsvrblocked|no-BPDU|LACP-PDUs|vlag-active|vlag-blocked|stp-edge-port|LACP-wait|adjacency-wait|adjacency-check|vlag-wait|multicast-router|host-disabled|loop|vxlan-loopback|vlan-up|vle|vle-wait|phy-down|down|enabled|err-disabled|err-bpdu-guard|mac-violation|stp-bpdu-guard|stp-root-guard|defer-bringup-wait

Status of a switch data port.

loop-vlans vlan-list

VLANs looping on the ports.

rem-ip ip-address 

IP address of the remote switch.

lport lport-number

Logical port number on the switch.

rport rport-number

Port number on the remote switch.

config fd|hd|10m|100m|1g|2.5g|10g|25g|40g|50g|100g|loopback|mirror-only|autoneg|fiber|copper|qos|jumbo|pause|asymetric-pause|vxlan-termination|no-local-switching|fec

Configured port features.

description description-string

Description of the port.

trunk trunk-name

ID of the trunk that a switch data port is a member of.

recover-time duration: #d#h#m#s

Time left for recovery from err-disable state.

err-bpduguard err-bpduguard-number

Total count of err-disables by BPDU guard.

err-maclimit err-maclimit-number

Total count of err-disables by MAC address limit.


Specifies whether the connections on switch data ports should be displayed.


Details of the link such as PHY, link, status etc.

For example: 

CLI (network-admin@switch*) > port-show port 2 layout vertical 

switch:           switch

port:             2

bezel-port:       2


mac:              66:0e:94:b7:90:6f

vlan:             4091

hostname:         taurus-dev-spine2

status:           up,PN-switch,PN-other,STP-BPDUs,LLDP,l3-port,remote-l3-port,vlan-up

config:           fd,10g

Displaying Port Numbering

Bezel interface numbers are the labels for ports on the face plate of a switch. As NetVisor OS supports flexing of ports (breaking a high speed port to lower speed ports) the logical port numbers in the software may not match the bezel interface numbers. The bezel interface numbers may deviate from the logical port numbers in order to represent each logical port uniquely. To display the mapping of logical ports to bezel interface numbers on NetVisor OS platforms, use the command:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > bezel-portmap-show


Display the mapping of logical ports to bezel interface numbers.

port port-number

Logical port number.

bezel-intf bezel-intf-string

Bezel interface number.

CLI (network-admin@switch) > bezel-portmap-show

switch port bezel-intf 

------ ---- ---------- 

switch 1    1          

switch 2    1.2        

switch 3    1.3        

switch 4    1.4        

switch 5    2          

switch 6    3       

switch 7    3.2       

switch 8    3.3        

switch 9    3.4          

switch 10   4        

switch 11   4.2        

switch 12   4.3 

switch 13   4.4               

As seen from the above output, the bezel interface numbers 1, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 represent a physical port's receptacle connected to a breakout cable with four transceivers. Such transceivers are mapped to logical ports 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively. For example, it can be a 40 GbE QSFP+ receptacle that is divided into four 10 GbE SFP+ ports or a 100 GbE QSFP28 receptacle that is divided into four 25 GbE SFP28 ports. Also, you can infer from the output that bezel interface 2 is not connected to a breakout cable as there is only a single corresponding logical interface.

Displaying Physical Port Information

You can display physical port information by using the port-phy-show command.

The command displays port state and mode, speed and auto-negotiation settings, Ethernet mode, default VLAN, maximum frame size, and status information.

CLI (network-admin@switch) > port-phy-show


Displays physical port information.

port port-list

Specify the switch data port number, list of ports, or range of ports. Port numbers must be in the range of 1-64.

bezel-port bezel-port-string

The bezel port number.

state off|admin-down|adminpwrdown|bist|dfe-tuning|down|local-fault|partially-up|remote-fault|up|failed

State of physical ports.

autoneg autoneg-string

Auto-negotiation setting of physical ports

speed speed-number

Speed of physical ports.

eth-mode unconfigured|disabled|1000base-x|sgmii|1000base-kx|2500base-x|6Gbase-kr|6Gbase-cr|10Gbase-kr|10Gbase-cr|10Gbase-sr|AN-73|Xaui|10Gbase-kx4|10Gbase-cx4|24Gbase-kr4|24Gbase-cr4|40Gbase-kr4|xlaui|40Gbase-cr4|40Gbase-sr4|no-phy-present|MII|gmii|TBI|10G-XGMII|1G-RGMII|sfi|xfi|cx|kr4|sr4|lr4|er4|cr4|cx4|kx4|caui4|kr2|er2|cr2|sr2|lr2|xlaui2|cx2|sr|lr|er|cr|kx|kr|zr|base-x|sys-default|caui|aoc|xlppi|psm4|base_t|base_cx|base_lx|base_sx

Ethernet mode.

max-frame max-frame-number

The Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) for the port.

def-vlan def-vlan-number

Default VLAN identifier of the physical port.

CLI (network-admin@switch) > port-phy-show format all

port bezel-port state autoneg speed  eth-mode max-frame def-vlan 

---- ---------- ----- ------- ------ -------- --------- -------- 

1    1          up    none    100000 caui4    9412      1        

5    5          down  none    100000 caui4    1540      1        

9    9          down  none    100000 caui4    1540      1        

13   13         down  none    100000 caui4    1540      1        

17   17         up    none    100000 caui4    1540      4091     

21   21         down  none    100000 caui4    1540      1        

25   25         down  none    100000 caui4    1540      1        

Displaying Transceiver Information

To display information on the transceivers connected to a switch, use the port-xcvr-show command. The displayed information includes vendor name, part number, and the serial number of the transceiver.

CLI (network-admin@switch) > port-xcvr-show


Display port transceiver information.

port port-list

List of ports.

bezel-port bezel-port-string

The bezel port number.

vendor-name vendor-name-string

Vendor name of the transceiver.

part-number part-number-string

Part number of the transceiver.

serial-number serial-number-string

Serial number of the transceiver.

type unknown|sfp|qsfp

Type of the transceiver.

eth-mode unconfigured|disabled|1000base-x|sgmii|1000base-kx|2500base-x|6Gbase-kr|6Gbase-cr|10Gbase-kr|10Gbase-cr|10Gbase-sr|AN-73|Xaui|10Gbase-kx4|10Gbase-cx4|24Gbase-kr4|24Gbase-cr4|40Gbase-kr4|xlaui|40Gbase-cr4|40Gbase-sr4|no-phy-present|MII|gmii|TBI|10G-XGMII|1G-RGMII|sfi|xfi|cx|kr4|sr4|lr4|er4|cr4|cx4|kx4|caui4|kr2|er2|cr2|sr2|lr2|xlaui2|cx2|sr|lr|er|cr|kx|kr|zr|base-x|sys-default|caui|aoc|xlppi|psm4|base_t|base_cx|base_lx|base_sx

Transceiver Ethernet mode.

cbl-len cbl-len-number

Active Optical Cable (AOC) or Direct Attach Cable (DAC) length.

temp[C] temp[C]-string

Transceiver temperature in degrees Centigrade.

vcc33[V] vcc33[V]-string

3.3V supply voltage.

tx-bias1[mA] tx-bias1[mA]-string

Transmit bias current (mA).

tx-pwr[dBm] tx-pwr[dBm]-string

Transmit power (dBm).

rx-pwr[dBm] rx-pwr[dBm]-string

Receive power (dBm).

CLI (network-admin@switch) > port-xcvr-show

switch port bezel-port vendor-name      part-number   serial-number 

------ ---- ---------- ---------------- ------------- --------------

switch 25   25         Amphenol         123456789     ABC00000000DEF 

switch 27   27         Amphenol         123456789     ABC00000000DEF   

switch 28   28         Amphenol         123456789     ABC00000000DEF

switch 45   45         PluribusNetworks 123456780     HIJ00001      

switch 46   46         PluribusNetworks 123456780     HIJ00001      

switch 47   47         PluribusNetworks 123456780     HIJ00001       

switch 48   48         PluribusNetworks 123456780     HIJ00001      

switch 49   49         Amphenol         123456789     ABC00000000DEF 

switch 50   50         Amphenol         123456789     ABC00000000DEF

switch 51   51         Amphenol         123456789     ABC00000000DEF

switch 52   52         Amphenol         123456789     ABC00000000DEF

switch 53   53         PluribusNetworks 123456780     HIJ00001      

switch 54   54         PluribusNetworks 123456780     HIJ00001      

switch 55   55         PluribusNetworks 123456780     HIJ00001      

switch 56   56         PluribusNetworks 123456780     HIJ00001      

switch 65   65         PluribusNetworks 123456780     HIJ00001      

switch 66   66         PluribusNetworks 123456780     HIJ00001      

switch 67   67         PluribusNetworks 123456780     HIJ00001      

switch 68   68         PluribusNetworks 123456780     HIJ00001