Exporting Configurations Using Secure Copy Protocol (SCP)

NetVisor OS supports export of switch configuration to a configuration bundle. This functionality allows the network administrator to create configuration backups that can be used in cases when the administrator needs to restore the switch configuration to a previous revision of the configuration.

The switch config export functionality in NetVisor OS can export the configuration bundle to a local disk on the switch or can upload the configuration bundle to an external server using Secure Copy Protocol(SCP). To upload the configuration bundle to an external server using SCP, the upload server should support SCP protocol.

To export a switch configuration, use the command:

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > switch-config-export

Specify any of the following options:

export-file switch-config export-file

File name for exported configuration bundle.

upload-server upload-server-string

DNS Name or IP address of upload server and path to store configuration bundle on the upload server.Uploads the  config file to server via SCP

For example,

CLI (network-admin@switch-crater) > switch-config-export export-file crater-backup-04142011 upload-server root@server-test-67:/var/tmp/

server password:

Uploaded configuration to server at /var/tmp/

CLI (network-admin@switch-crater) >

server password:

Uploaded configuration to server at /root

CLI (network-admin@switch-crater) >

During the software upgrade process, NetVisor OS exports the switch configuration and makes it available at a /export directory that is accessible when the admin connects to the switch using SFTP client.  NetVisor OS stores a maximum of three configuration archives on the switch. All older configurations are deleted. 

Similar to NetVisor configuration export functionality, during software upgrade NetVisor can optionally upload the configuration bundle to an external upload server using SCP protocol to create a configuration back up. Similar to switch-config-export command, admin can use upload-server parameter of software-upgrade command to specify details of upload server to upload configurations to the external server.

CLI (network-admin@switch-crater) > software-upgrade package nvOS-6.1.0-6010018109-onvl.pkg upload-server root@server-test-67:/var/tmp/

server password:

Scheduled background update.

* software-upgrade-status-show to check the progress

* software-upgrade-instant-status-show to check the instant upgrade status

Switch will reboot itself.DO NOT reboot manually.

CLI (network-admin@switch-crater) >

On upload server, configuration bundle is saved as below(upgrade-<hostname>-<bename>-<sw version>-<timestamp>.tar.gz):

root@server-test-67:/var/tmp# ls -l | grep crater

-rw-r--r--  1 root     root          16219 Apr 14 14:19 upgrade-switch-crater-crater-rfc-6.1.0-6010018118.2021-04-14T14.19.59.tar.gz