Supported Network Management Components

NetVisor OS supports systems statistics, logging, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), and traffic mirroring, as the primary methods of network management and monitoring.

System Statistics: This network monitoring method provides information about the CPU and memory usage of a switch. This gives you an insight into the performance and efficiency of the network device.

Logging: Logs serve as  a record of all important events that occur in a network. NetVisor OS broadly has four types of logging: event logging, audit logging, system logging, and perror logging. Logging tracks activities such as connection state changes, administrative changes, user login or logout, protocol events, and so on. Logging information can be viewed on the switch and can also be sent to dedicated servers from where it can be accessed later through the CLI.

SNMP: NetVisor OS allows monitoring of network nodes through this protocol. The SNMP manager installed on a server called Network Management Station (NMS) polls the SNMP agents installed on the network devices periodically for information regarding network events. This collected information can be accessed through the CLI. In addition, SNMP traps can be configured to receive instantaneous alerts for desired events, instead of relying solely on periodic SNMP polls.

Traffic Mirroring for Ports and vFlows: This functionality is used to copy packets from one port to another for increased visibility into the network traffic. This feature supports a basic configuration analogous to local Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) as well as advanced configurations similar to Remote Switched Port Analyzer (RSPAN) and Encapsulated Remote Switched Port Analyzer (ERSPAN).