Supported SNMP MIBs

NetVisor OS supports several MIBs which are run in a sub-agent to the SNMP daemon (master). NetVisor OS uses the AgentX protocol for communicating between the SNMP daemon and the sub-agent.

When you issue an snmp-show command, the SNMP daemon receives the SNMP walk request and transfers the call to a sub-agent based on the SNMP OID of the request. The sub-agent populates the SNMP container to NetVisor OS and displays the data. NetVisor OS supports the following MIBs:

  • IfTable (IF-MIB)
  • IfXTable (IF-MIB)
  • EntPhySensorTable (ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB)
  • BGP MIB. The following BGPv4 tables are supported:
    • bgpPeerTable
    • bgp4PathAttrTable
  • OSPF MIB. The following OSPF tables are supported:
    • ospfGeneralGroupTable
    • ospfAreaTable
    • ospfLsdbTable
    • ospfIfTable   
    • ospfExtLsdbTable      
    • ospfNbrTable   
    • ospfIfMetricTable
  • OSPFv3 MIB Tables. The following OSPFv3 tables are supported:
    • ospfrv3GenealGroupTable
    • ospfv3AreaTable
    • ospfv3NbrTable
    • ospfv3IfTable
    • ospfv3AreaLsdbTable
    • ospfv3AsLsdbTable
    • ospfv3LinkLsdbTable
  • IEEE8021-Q-BRIDGE-MIB (ieee8021QBridgePortVlanStatisticsTable)
  • IEEE8021-Q-BRIDGE-MIB (ieee8021QBridgeVlanStaticTable)
  • IEEE8021-SPANNING-TREE-MIB (ieee8021SpanningTreePortTable)
  • IEEE8021-SPANNING-TREE-MIB (ieee8021SpanningTreeTable)
  • IP-MIB (ipv4InterfaceTable, ipv6InterfaceTable)
  • Pluribus Enterprise PN-VRRP-MIB (supports IPv6 VRRP state change)
  • Pluribus Enterprise PN-HR-MIB (pnHrCPUTable, pnHRMemTable)
  • Pluribus Enterprise PN-FABRIC-MIB (pnFabricTable)
  • Pluribus Enterprise PN-COS-MIB (pnCosStatsTable, pnCosBezelStatsTable) 
  • Pluribus Enterprise PN-LOG-MIB (pnLogMatchName, pnLogFileName, pnLogMatchData, pnLogMatchCount) 

Note: Pluribus Enterprise PN-LOG-MIB is used for the generation of message-based traps only.

NetVisor OS version 6.0.0 adds a new OID (pnVrrpPreemptMode.0) to the Pluribus proprietary PN-VRRP-MIB, which is mapped to the standard VRRP-MIB v3. The value of this OID is 'true(1)' when VRRP preempt mode is enabled (default status) and 'false(2)' when VRRP preempt mode is disabled.

The above MIBs consolidate into a single sub-agent, called nvOS_snmpd agent, which communicates with the master SNMP daemon and serves requests to the MIBs. All the MIBs except the routing MIBs are part of the nvOS_snmpd agent.