Layer 3 Configuration - Manage Anycast

There are features and functions used in Arista NetVisor UNUM and Insight Analytics that are common throughout the user interface (UI). Please refer to the Common Functions section for more information on the use of these functions and features.

Selecting Manager → Layer 3 → Manage Anycast displays the Manage Anycast dashboard with a list of any existing Mac address settings. 

Select the applicable Fabric from the left-hand navigation bar and the dashboard updates showing all Mac entries from all switches within the Fabric.

Note: If no entries exist a "No Data Exists" message is displayed. You must first configure an entry on a switch. Prerequisite settings and configuration may be required.

The Fabric dashboard displays a list of existing Mac entries by Switch.

The Manage Anycast information is scope dependent meaning either Fabric or Local.

Manage Anycast Fabric Dashboard

Note: The Switch column is empty since the Anycast Mac address is Fabric in scope.

To modify an Anycast entry use Edit by selecting the Cog icon to make changes to the Anycast configuration. 

Manage Anycast Fabric Dashboard

Click Save to continue or Cancel to return to the previous screen without saving any changes.