This command is used to modify an existing vNET on the configuration on the switch.

Syntax   vnet-modify

name name-string

Specify the name of the virtual network (vNET).

Specify one or more of the following options:

vlans vlan-list

Specify the list of VLANs to assign to the vNET. You can specify a list or range of VLANs that the vNET assigns to vNET interfaces.

managed-ports port-list

Specify the list of managed ports on the vNET.

num-private-vlans number

Specify the number of private VLANs that the vNET administrator can create for the vNET. This is a number between 1, and 4094.

public-vlans vlan-list

Specify the public VLANs assigned to private VLAN vNET.

shared-ports port-list

Specify the shared ports for the vNET.

vxlans vxlan-id

Specify the VLXN ID assigned to the vNET.

vxlan-end vxlan-id

Specify the last VXLAN ID assigned to the vNET.

shared-port-vlans vlan-list

Displays VLANs on the shared ports.

num-bridge-domains number

Specify the number of bridge domains that the vNET administrator can create for the vNET. This is a number between 0, and 4094.

Defaults   None.

Access   CLI


Version 1.2

Command introduced.

Version 2.1

The parameter vrg deprecated.

Version 2.4.1

The parameters num-private-vlans, vxlans, and vxlan-end added.

Version 2.5

The parameter public-vlans added.

Version 3.1.0

The parameter shared-port-vlans added.  

Version 6.1.0

The parameter num-bridge-domains added. 

Usage   A fabric, cluster, or standalone switch can be virtualized into tenant networks called virtual networks (vNETs). This command deletes a vNET.

Examples  To modify a fabric-wide virtual network (vNET) named MyVMotionvNET, and modify the VLANs to the range,11-15, use the following command:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > vnet-modify name MyVMotionvNET vlans 11-15