This command is used to display information about vNETs configured on the switch.

Syntax   vnet-show

id id-num

The identifier of the vNET.

name name-string

Name of the virtual network (vNET).

scope local|fabric

The scope of the virtual network (vNET)

vrg vrg-name

Name of the virtual resource group (VRG).

vlan-type public|private

The type of VLAN for the vNET.

num-vlans number

The number of VLANs assigned to the vNET.

vlans vlan-list

The list of VLANs assigned to the vNET.

num-private-vlans number

The number of private VLANs that the vNET administrator can create for the vNET. This is a number between 1, and 4094.

num-bridge-domains 0..4094

The number of Bridge-Domains allowed to create in the vNET.

public-vlans vlan-list

The public VLANs assigned to the private VLAN vNET.

vxlans vxlan-id

The VLXN ID assigned to the vNET.

vxlan-end vxlan-id

The last VXLAN ID assigned to the vNET.

managed-ports port-list

The list of managed ports on the vNET.

shared-ports port-list

The shared ports for the vNET.

shared-port-vlans vlan-list

The VLANs on the shared ports.

admin user-name

The user name for the admin role.

vrg-created-by-vnet true|false

Displays if the VRG was created by the vNET.

global true|false

Displays if the vNET is global or not.

Defaults   None.

Access   CLI


Version 1.2

Command introduced.

Version 2.1

The parameter globaladded.

Version 2.5

The parameters public-vlans, vlan-type, and shared-ports added.

Version 3.1.0

The parameter shared-port-vlans added.

Usage   A fabric, cluster, or standalone switch can be virtualized into tenant networks called virtual networks (vNETs). This command displays information about a vNET.

Examples  To display information about all vNETs, use the following command:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > vnet-show layout vertical format all

switch:                switch

id:                    9000c25:0

name:                  btfab-global

scope:                 fabric

vlan-type:             public

vlans:                 none

public-vlans:          none

num-private-vlans:     0

num-bridge-domains:    0

vxlans:                0

managed-ports:         none

shared-ports:          none

shared-port-vlans:     none

global:                true