This command displays detailed information about Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) neighbors.

Syntax   vrouter-bgp-neighbor-detail-show

vrouter-name name-string

Name of the vRouter.

The following BGP neighbor arguments:

neighbor vrouter bgp-neighbor neighbor 

The IP address of the neighbor.

l3-port l3-port-number

The Layer 3 port number.

remote-as remote-as-number

The AS number of the remote connection.

local-as local-as-number

The number local AS .

remote-id ip-address

The neighbor router ID.

state idle|connect|active|open-sent|open-confirm|established|clearing

The current state of the BGP session. The state can be any of the following types:

• 1 — Idle

• 2 — Connect

• 3 — Active

• 4 — OpenSent

• 5 — OpenConfirm

• 6 — Established

up-for up-for-string

The time of an active connection.

last-read last-read-string 

The time of the last message received.

holdtime holdtime-number (s)

The holdtime in seconds.

keepalive keepalive-number (s)

The keepalive interval in seconds.

min-adv min-adv-number (s)

The minimum advertisement level in seconds.

open-sent open-sent-number 

The number of open messages sent.

open-rcvd open-rcvd-number

The number of open messages received.

notif-sent notif-sent-number

The number of notification messages sent.

notif-rcvd notif-rcvd-number

The number of notification messages received.

update-sent update-sent-number

The number of update messages sent.

update-rcvd update-rcvd-number 

The number of update messages received.

keepalive-sent keepalive-sent-number 

The number of keepalive messages sent.

keepalive-rcvd keepalive-rcvd-number 

The number of keepalive messages received.

comm-attr-send-ipv4 both|standard|extended

The type of community attribute send to this neighbor for IPv4.

prefix-accepted-ipv4 prefix-accepted-ipv4-number

The  number of prefixes accepted for IPv4 unicast.

comm-attr-send-ipv6 both|standard|extended

Specifies the type of community attribute send to this neighbor for IPv6 unicast.

prefix-accepted-ipv6 prefix-accepted-ipv6-number

Specifies number of prefixes accepted for IPv6 unicast.

conn-established conn-established-number

The number of times a session has been successfully established.

conn-dropped conn-dropped-number

The number of times a session has failed or taken down.

last-reset last-reset-string

The time since the session was last reset.

start-due start-due-number (s)

The  next start timer due in seconds.

connect-due connect-due-number (s)

The  next connect timer due in seconds.

Defaults   None

Access   CLI


Version 3.0.0

Command introduced.

Version 5.1.3

The parameter l3-port added.

Usage   Use this command to display detailed information about BGP neighbors configured on a vRouter.

Examples  To display all information about BGP neighbors, use the following command:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > vrouter-bgp-neighbor-detail-show