Creating a Virtual Network (vNET)

To separate resources, including switch ports, IP addresses, VLANs, and VXLAN IDs into separate management spaces, create a vNET(s) and associate the desired resources to it (see below for an example of configuration).

You can create a vNET using the vnet-create command followed by a list of required parameters. Subsequently, you can configure a separate vNET administrator to manage each newly created management domain.

CLI (network-admin@switch) > vnet-create

name name-string

Defines the virtual network (vNET) name. Enter a name for identification of this vNET. 

scope local|cluster|fabric

Defines the scope of this vNET. Use fabric scope if this vNET should be seen by all switches. If this vNET should not be seen by other switches, use cluster or local scope.

Specify one or more of the following options:

vrg vrg-name

Defines the name of the virtual resource group (vRG) to be associated with this vNET.

vlan-type public|private

Defines the type of VLAN used in this vNET, which in turn defines the type of vNET (private or public).

num-vlans 1..4094

Defines the number of global VLANs you want to assign to this vNET. Using this parameter allows you to assign a group of VLANs rather than specific VLANs.

vlans vlan-list

Defines the VLANs that can be assigned to the public VLAN vNET. You can specify a list or range of VLANs that this vNET can assign to vNET interfaces.

public-vlans vlan-list

Defines the VLAN IDs that can be used to map a Public VLAN to a Private VLAN.

This is useful when resources in a vNET have to communicate with a shared resource (such as a shared

server, DC GW, firewall, etc.) hosted on the global vNET (default vNET) connected to Shared Ports. You can use the same VLAN ID for both Private vNET and global vNET. 

num-private-vlans 1..4094

Defines the number of private VLANs that can be configured in this vNET. You can create up to 4094 VLANs. 

num-bridge-domains 0..4094

Defines the number of bridge domains allowed to be created in this vNET.

vxlans 0..16777215

Defines the range of VNIs that can be used by this vNET administrator. The VXLAN ID is a combination of the tenant ID and VLAN ID.

vxlan-end 0..16777215

The last VNI or VXLAN ID assigned to this vNET.

managed-ports port-list

The exclusive port(s) associated with this vNET.

shared-ports port-list

List of ports that are shared with other vNETs.

shared-port-vlans vlan-list

The shared port VLANs associated with this vNET. 


The config-admin option creates an administrator for the vNET. This is an optional parameter, and the default value is no-config-admin.

admin user-name

Add a user name for the admin role.


Choose one of the options to create or not create a dedicated vNET manager. If no-create-vnet-mgr option is selected, then the network/fabric admin manages this vNET.

vnet-mgr-name vnet-mgr-name-string

Specify the name of the vNET manager, if you had selected create-vnet-mgr above. If you don’t specify a name, one is automatically configured.

vnet-mgr-storage-pool storage-pool-name

Add the storage pool for this vNET.

Note: You cannot create a vNET inside a vNET.

To delete an existing vNET, use the vnet-delete command:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > vnet-delete name <vnet-name>

To modify the configuration of an existing vNET, use the vnet-modify command.

CLI (network-admin@switch) > vnet-modify

name name-string

Enter the name of the virtual network (vNET) you want to modify.

Specify one or more of the following options that needs to be modified:

vlans vlan-list

The list of VLANs assigned to this vNET. You can specify a list or range of VLANs that the VNET assigns to VNET interfaces.

managed-ports port-list

Modify the list of managed (exclusive) ports associated for this vNET.

num-private-vlans 1..4094

Modify the number of private VLANs that the vNET administrator can create for this VNET. You can configure up to 4094 VLANs.

public-vlans vlan-list

Modify the public VLANs assigned to this private VLAN vNET. 

shared-ports port-list

Modify the shared ports for this vNET.

vxlans 0..16777215

Modify the VXLAN IDs assigned to this vNET.

vxlan-end 0..16777215

Modify the last VXLAN ID assigned to the vNET.

shared-port-vlans vlan-list

Modify the vNET shared port VLANs.

num-bridge-domains 0..4094

Modify the number of bridge domains allowed to be created in this private vNET.