How to Configure AD / LDAP Authentication on NetVisor UNUM

There are features and functions used in Arista NetVisor UNUM and Insight Analytics that are common throughout the user interface (UI). Please refer to the Common Functions section for more information on the use of these functions and features.

Please review the Authentication Server section to better familiarize yourself with the configuration parameters needed for LDAP on NetVisor UNUM.


To configure NetVisor UNUM to use LDAP, you need the following information in advance.

Type – Type of Authentication Service used on the domain, either LDAP, AD or, possibly both. 

Server URL – The LDAP server or service provider name and type of connection supported, either LDAPS (secure) or LDAP (non-secure), and the port numbers assigned to these servers, typically 636 and 389, respectively. When accessing a Windows Active Directory (AD) enabled server running LDAP services, some LDAP configurations may use alternate ports such as 50000 and 50001 for LDAP (non-secure) or LDAPS (secure). Check with your AD Administrator for specific port assignment information and if required.

Base DN – The name of the base organization and domain name.

Manager DN (Distinguished Name) – The distinguished name (DN) used for the LDAP manager. This name is the account with admin-level privileges and allowed access to the LDAP server or service provider. This may exist as a UID (User ID) or a CN (Common Name). A Manager DN account name must be a binding user within the LDAP service.

Manager Password –  The password for the admin-level account.

User DN Patterns – DN patterns used for simple bind authentication. These are the groups where user accounts exist.

User Search Filter – Any search filters. Specific filters used by your LDAP service provider or Windows Server environment.

Configuration Examples

Example 1 - LDAP Service Provider

Example 2 - Corporate AD / LDAP Server

Example 3 - Active Directory Server

LDAP User Roles: 

NetVisor UNUM currently supports two roles, User and Local Admin. NetVisor UNUM assigns all LDAP or AD users to the User Role in NetVisor UNUM.

NetVisor UNUM ignores any assigned LDAP or AD roles.

Please refer to Manage Users for more information about these roles.