Connectivity - Mesh Ping Validation

Caution: Connectivity - Mesh Ping Validation is an Early Field Trial (EFT) feature. EFTs are intended for test environments and are not supported for use in production networks. You should consult your local partner or Arista Networks account team before using any EFT feature or to provide feedback.

There are features and functions used in Arista NetVisor UNUM and Insight Analytics that are common throughout the user interface (UI). Please refer to the Common Functions section for more information on the use of these functions and features.

Selecting Manager → Fabric → Mesh Ping Validation displays the Mesh Ping Validation dashboard.

Note: NetVisor UNUM does not currently support Mesh Ping in Super Fabrics.

Mesh Ping validates the connectivity among all IP addresses in a fabric by executing ping tests.  When complete, the results are sorted so connections with high latency, packet loss or down status are easily identified.  Start and End time details are displayed.

Since a fabric may have thousands of IP addresses, this process can be time consuming.

The dashboard displays a list of existing device entries by Source IP, Destination IP, IP Type, Latency Average, % Packet Loss and Status.

The Ping Count is preset to  5 packets. Select the applicable vRouter from the drop-down list using Select vRouter.

The ping originates only from a selected vRouter. If there are no vRouters configured only the management interface is pinged.

To perform a manual ping, click the Ping button. 

The dashboard provides feedback when a mesh ping is running as well as an execution timestamp.

Visual link indicators in Green, Yellow, and Red denote link Status as well as a link up, high latency, and link down messages.

Manager Fabric Connectivity - Mesh Ping Validation Dashboard

The Search feature provides a method to locate specific entries based on column and row data. 

The dashboard updates automatically based on the search criteria results.

For example, searching for "link down" reveals the following:

Manager Fabric Connectivity - Mesh Ping Validation Dashboard Search Results

Previous ping results for each vRouter are viewed by selecting the applicable vRouter from the drop-down list. However, while a ping is running, you cannot change the vRouter selection. 

Select the applicable vRouter from the drop-down list using Select vRouter.

Manager Fabric Connectivity - Mesh Ping Validation Dashboard vRouter Selection

Note: The NetVisor UNUM database stores Mesh Ping results and displays them in the Switch Analytics Connectivity Stats Ping Stats dashboard. Perform extensive data analysis and drill-down of Mesh Ping results using the Ping Stats dashboard.